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Sometimes it is required to have the ability to know the method calls that happen in a Java application execution and sometimes you don't even have the source code of the application (black box from the user point of view).

There are many open source and commercial applications such us profilers, code coverage tools even tracers like this project, but some of them are intrusive and are not valid for every case.

This application will provide a simple and transparent way of obtaining the method calls dump using JVMPI. I have spent a lot of time looking for open source approaches to do just this simple thing and I have to say there is nothing as simple as this.

It is also a good starting point for people who want to learn method related JVMPI.

Use the tracker to ask for support, suggest new features, etc... or interact in the forum.

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  • Another interesting project if you want to know more about memory related JVMPI: heapprofile.c
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